Active Wavelength Division Multiplexers

Brand: Patton Electronics

The WDM8/16 enables a user to combine up to 8/16 sources of data on a single fiber pair. Each channel can be linked via fiber with FiberPlex FOM, FOI or TD modules, FiberPlex LightViper™ or with virtually any third-party fiber optic equipment with data rates from 50Mbps up to 3Gbps per channel, for a maximum aggregate data rate of 24 Gbps. Alternately, the WDM8 can be combined with our copper SFP modules for HD video, Ethernet, audio and more over a single fiber pair. The WDM8A supports 1470 to 1610 nm; the WDM8B supports 1310 to 1450 nm.

The functional and physical characteristics of the WDM16 and WDM8A are largely identical. The single differentiator is the number of Active Wave Division channels and the associated internal wavelengths that are supported. The chassis dimensions and power supplies remain identical. The WDM16 supports all of the 16 standard CWDM wavelengths of 1310-1610 nm, whereas the WDM8A supports only 8 of those channels, so the installation can be scaled to the appropriate size. The WDM8A supports the upper 8 wavelengths 1470-1610 nm. Because of the enormously flexible active nature of the WDM16/8, the wavelengths of the internal channels are basically invisible and even irrelevant to the end user.
  • 8 Channel Active Wave-Division Multiplexer combines 8 optical channels into a single fiber pair
  • Each channel independently supports data rates from 50Mbps to 3Gbps
  • SMPTE compatible internal fiber optics, video optimized to support pathological signals
  • Each optic channel can independently accept singlemode or multimode optics, coax, or CAT5 SFP modules
  • Fully redundant, hot swappable power for ultimate reliability

Active Wave Division Multiplexer, 8x1, SFP Interface (1310nm - 1610nm Aggregate)
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Active Wave Division Multiplexer, 16x1, SFP Interface
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