Completely transparent IPS/IDS appliance for critical OT assets.
Protection without costly redesign or segmentation projects
Slides seamlessly inline at the cabinet level of OT/ICS assets, without a need for network segment changes or firewall configurations.
OPSWAT OTfuse is a crucial, last line of defense for OT assets that need it most
Establishes a virtual perimeter around each critical OT asset, complementing industrial firewalls deployed higher up in the network.

Self-learns your OT network subnets and automatically enforces which device and protocols are permitted to communicate with the OT asset.
Eliminates unauthorized device config changes, resets, reads, and logic update preventing both malicious intrusions and unintentional access.
Easy to Deploy & Scale
Installs quickly and seamlessly at the cabinet level, targeting the most critical and vulnerable assets first
Intuitive to Operate
Starts working right away with no reconfiguration of existing network segmentation and subnet address scheme
Native Support for Industrial Protocols
Including TCP, UDP, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP, S7, DNP3, BACnet, SLMP, FINS, EGD
Native Support for GE Protocols
Including iFIX and Cimplicity systems (GEADL, GESDI, GESRTP)
Eliminates Critical Threats
Including unknown nodes or clients, rogue scanning or communication, unscheduled reconfig or update, very high message rates (DoS), and fake devices (IP spoofing)

Otfuse Lite (up to 3 protected devices)
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OTfuse Standard (up to 15 protected devices)
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