Passive Wavelength Division Multiplexer

Brand: Patton Electronics

The WDP8/16 is a rack-mountable passive 8/16-channel coarse wavelength division multiplexer. Unlike the similar products in the WDM series, this unit is passive, and all connected fiber optic modules must be externally selected to specific wavelengths. Being a passive unit, the WDP16 requires no external power and occupies a smaller 1U rack space. Fiber optic inputs and outputs are connected via singlemode duplex LC/PC mating sleeves in the rear of the unit.

There are several advantages of the WDP8 passive CWDM versus FiberPlex’ active WDM8 system depending on application. The WDM8 will only accept digital signals via externally installed SFP modules. While this works for many applications, signals such as RF optical are analog in nature and cannot be used with SFP modules. These analog signals will work perfectly with the WDP8/16. In addition, since the WDP8/16 are passive, there is no power consumption or heat issues. Since the WDP8 has no power supplies, they are inherently more reliable.

The functional and physical characteristics of the WDP16, WDP8A and WDP8B are largely identical. The single differentiator is the number of Wave Division channels and the associated internal wavelengths that are supported. The chassis dimensions remain identical. The WDP16 supports all of the 16 standard CWDM wavelengths of 1311-1611 nm, whereas the WDP8 units support only 8 of those channels, so the installation can be scaled to the appropriate size. The WDP8A supports the upper 8 wavelengths 1471-1611 nm and the WDP8B supports the lower 8 wavelengths 1311-1451nm.
  • 8 Channel Passive Wave-Division Multiplexer combines 8 optical channels into a single fiber pair
  • Each channel has virtually unlimited bandwidth
  • Mux and De-Mux in one package
  • Supports both digital and analog optical signals
  • No Power Supplies means higher reliability
  • Compact and convenient 1U package

Passive Wave Division Multiplexer, LC-PC connectors, No Power Required (1470nm - 1610nm Aggregate)
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Passive Wave Division Multiplexer, LC-PC connectors, No Power Required
Out of Stock
$56.02 Shipping


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